Our curriculum for pre-schoolers is aimed at the following:

  • To become a successful lifetime learner – to learn how to learn
  • To give child, is these formative years, a holistic learning experience and prepare the child to successfully enter the mainstream school.
  • To develop basic skills which form the basis for a happy and successful life.
  • Throughout the preschool curriculum, child will acquire a full breadth of developmental skills necessary to successfully enter schooling eager and ready to learn.
  • Towards the final year of pre-schooling we will introduce much of the scheduling and activities that will make the transition to school an easy one.

We also realize that everything the child encounters and experiences is something to learn about and learn from. Which means only a curriculum based on all aspects of child’s life can be holistic. Hence, we use the framework of Multiple Intelligences ensuring that all intelligences are given equal importance to deliver comprehensive learning exposure to the child.

Our Latest Programs

Animal Fun 3 - 6 years

Animal Fun is a unique program designed to promote motor skills and social skill development in young children aged 3-6 years. Based on imitating animal movements, Animal Fun is an inclusive program that allows children to practice and develop their skills within an imaginative, play environment.